On most systems, Envirosoft gather directly from the analysers via their serial outputs, however, on some systems data is acquired using an a/d converter system. These are built to the requirements of the analysers used and the communications available, and they can accept analogue and digital inputs, convert them to serial data and transmit them via a RS232/485 link to a Data Storage Unit , where the data is stored and processed.

In addition, on systems where analogue re-transmission is required, we can supply a unit which can re-transmit normalised emissions data or digital outputs to a SCADA, PI or DCS system. We can also import and export data using Modbus and Profibus protocols, and if required can offer full redundancy on mission critical systems.

The Envirosoft Data Storage Unit (DSU) which accepts all the raw data from the analysers, stores it on it’s own 80Gb hard drive and then re-transmits it to the PC via an ethernet link. If the host PC is unable to accept data for any period of time, when it comes back on line, the DSU will automatically update it from its own memory store. The DSU can store over twelve years of data from a single stack thus ensuring the security of plant emissions data


CEMSuite is our core product and provides the solution for CEMS data logging and reporting

CEMSuite +

CEMSuite + includes our QAL3 assessment software (BS EN 14181) and the EA-designed reporting for WID.

CEMSuite Power

CEMSuite Power provides advanced reporting solutions for sites coming under the LCP Directive