Data Storage Unit (DSU)

The DSU is a small form computer selected by Envirosoft to provide the highest availability. Its primary function is to gather data from analysers directly (if fitted with a digital connection) or via an A/D converter using analogue signals (4-20mA). Coupled with a sizeable hard drive, the DSUs are designed for constant operation and data storage.

Multiple serial ports (RS232/ RS485) for connection to external serial devices.
Multiple LANs for connection to Ethernet enabled equipment (Modbus over TCP/IP, Bespoke protocols).
Large hard drive for data storage (RAID and SSD options available).
Multiple DSU operation for complex site arrangements.
Backup DSU operation available
Storage frequency down to 1 second (MCERTS <= 10 seconds).


CEMSuite is our core product and provides the solution for CEMS data logging and reporting

CEMSuite +

CEMSuite + includes our QAL3 assessment software (BS EN 14181) and the EA-designed reporting for WID.

CEMSuite Power

CEMSuite Power provides advanced reporting solutions for sites coming under the LCP Directive