CEMSuite Power

CEMSuite Power has all the features of CEMSuite + but coupled with a LCPD module that creates the complex and varied reports required under the Directive.

Using emissions data from CEMSuite programs and plant data from plant DCS (SCADA, PI etc) LCPD has the ability to combine emissions and process data into the complex reports required by regulatory authorities.
Reports may be customised to suit the individual reporting requirements of all customers.

LCPD offers the following features:

Compliant with PPC, BS EN14181 and LCP Directives
EA designed LCPD reports - Form Air 1-11
Custom reports available
Daily, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual reports
Data acquisition of process parameters from DCS PI systems
Multiple fuels and complex start and shut down logics

CEMSuite Power comprises 5 main programs:
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    LCPDInformationLCPDSpecialist power generation reporting program that provides the data in a dedicated format suitable for submission to the authorities. Covers reports required under the Large Combustion Plant Directive.     CEMQualInformationCEMQualSpecialist program to analyse and report drift and validity of analyser calibration, based entirely upon the european standard EN14181.     CEMFormInformationCEMFormTypical data analysis (normalization and averaging) to provide real time and historical data analysis. Also acts as the interface to other data export programs to provide outputs from processed data.     CEMPortInformationCEMPortSpecialist program to summerise emissions data into a format for submission to the authorities or for internal housekeeping or analysis.


CEMSuite is our core product and provides the solution for CEMS data logging and reporting

CEMSuite +

CEMSuite + includes our QAL3 assessment software (BS EN 14181) and the EA-designed reporting for WID.

CEMSuite Power

CEMSuite Power provides advanced reporting solutions for sites coming under the LCP Directive