CEMSuite is our software package for small processes that are not covered by WID, IPPC and LCP.
It is a comprehensive data-capture and reporting package that can acquire data from almost any automatic monitoring system. For some analysers with a serial output, the data can be exported directly to the system, but where no such link exists we use proprietary analogue to digital converters to convert the analyser output. It can accept data from up to 12 separate measurement points.
The data is available for instantaneous reporting and trending; the user interface is easy to use and allows operators easy access to all the functions they need to monitor emissions to atmosphere.

It offers the following features:

Real-time and historical data screens.
Advanced primary data storage facilities
Report generation and data output to Excel, csv, html etc
Serial and/or analogue data sources
Optional weather station gathering and storing capability
Powerful graphing facilities
On-board normalisation of data to STP & 02 reference levels

CEMSuite comprises 2 main programs:

                         CEMFormInformationCEMFormTypical data analysis (normalization and averaging) to provide real time and historical data analysis. Also acts as the interface to other data export programs to provide outputs from processed data.                       CEMPortInformationCEMPortSpecialist program to summerise emissions data into a format for submission to the authorities or for internal housekeeping or analysis.


CEMSuite is our core product and provides the solution for CEMS data logging and reporting

CEMSuite +

CEMSuite + includes our QAL3 assessment software (BS EN 14181) and the EA-designed reporting for WID.

CEMSuite Power

CEMSuite Power provides advanced reporting solutions for sites coming under the LCP Directive