CEMForm CEMForm is a PC based program, designed to operate under all Windows operating systems. Selections & information are available from several pages each accessed as a Windows style ‘tabbed notebook’. All operations are performed by using simple mouse instructions.

It offers the following features:
Update time of <10 seconds.
Fully selectable averages from instantaneous to ½ hourly/hourly, daily & monthly, up to a year.
Alarms & warnings of proximity & exceedance of ELVs.
Simple graphical displays: data for all pertinent averages at the reportable measurement units always available.
Real-time trends plotted with alarm levels for an instant assessment of emission levels in relation to ELVs.
Instantly accessible grid of data for the last 24 hours worth of emissions.
Trends selectable for all measurements for time spans of between 10 minutes up to 1 month.


CEMSuite is our core product and provides the solution for CEMS data logging and reporting

CEMSuite +

CEMSuite + includes our QAL3 assessment software (BS EN 14181) and the EA-designed reporting for WID.

CEMSuite Power

CEMSuite Power provides advanced reporting solutions for sites coming under the LCP Directive